Like Moths To Flames
Nowhere Left To Sink

Like Moths To Flames conjure the type of anthems that move crowds and evoke each listener’s deeply rooted passions, as evidenced by the millions of streams accumulated by songs like “Bury Your Pain”, “No King”, “Wither”, and “You Won’t Be Missed” (which alone accounts for 5 million views on YouTube). Tours with bands like All That Remains, The Devil Wears Prada, and Memphis May Fire cemented their status as a live act worthy of admiration.

Album debuts on the Billboard 200 chart; high-profile stints on Vans Warped Tour, The AP Tour, and on headlining tours supported by bands like Crown The Empire and Palisades; this five-piece Columbus, Ohio metalcore monster is among the standard bearers of the genre.

Produced by Erik Ron (Sylar, New Years Day, Set It Off), Dark Divine is the breathtaking result of experience, enthusiasm, and renewed vigor, an effort destined to ensure longevity for the band within an underground scene dominated by fading trends. Like Moths To Flames have clearly hit a creative high on album #4 – it’s an electrifying showcase for what the band can achieve, with dedication and the hard won lessons learned while on the road.

It all amounts to a courageous and uplifting album that will satisfy old-school fans of Like Moths To Flames, and future disciples alike. Dark Divine is a massive step toward ensuring the band leaves a legacy, opening the door to a long career doing what they’ve wanted to do from the very beginning: connecting with people around the world through the cathartic and impassioned power of heavy music.