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Land Shark Promotion Studio offers a wide variety of Street Marketing services. Below are just some examples of how LAND SHARK can address your project on the street level:


LAND SHARK's Field Marketing Reps (FMR's) are able to put up artist/band displays in all major markets at independent retail stores, as they have very good relationships with almost all the independent retailers. The mass merchants generally do not allow us to hang displays, but our FMR's will always visit them to do tracking and to educate them about the project. In addition to creating retail visibility with displays (*we provide you with digital photos of the displays themselves), they will also do retail tracking (piece counts, etc.) and compliance checks. Let us know what kinds of marketing your artist already has booked and LAND SHARK FMR's will make sure it is addressed at the store level.


LAND SHARK FMR’s can go to all events that specifically attract your targeted demographic. Using an effective tool (example: Postcards/DVD’s featuring your chosen video/CD samplers), our FMR's objectives will be to promote the success of your single, video, or album, to entice existing fans and annex potential new fans to participate in a specific promotion, and to build excitement about your artist at the street level.

Such events can include (but aren't limited to):

  • Rock radio festivals
  • Amusement Parks/Beaches/Local Festivals/Skate Parks
  • Special events featuring compatible artists (appearances/in-stores, etc)
  • Extreme sporting tours and competitions Surf, Skateboard, WWE, X-Games, etc.)
  • Blockbuster movies – opening weekend

LAND SHARK FMR's can also distribute fliers promoting any of your artist’s live shows prior to the date in specific markets (*again, digital photos are provided). This is an incredibly effective way to build a young band's fanbase independently of radio and press.


We can create awareness for your artist in any and all like-minded Lifestyle accounts.

Some examples of Lifestyle accounts include:

  • Skate/Surf shops
  • Tattoo Parlors
  • Sporting Goods and Video Game stores
  • Clothing/Apparel Stores

You may decide that you want us to target more of the Tattoo Parlors and less of the Skate Shops...or vice-versa - however YOU decide where you want to focus on, Land Shark Promotion Studio can make it happen.

Generally, LAND SHARK campaigns encompass a minimum of 10 (U.S.) markets. Of course, LAND SHARK is also agile enough that we can always drop and add markets during the duration of the campaign. For example, if your artist secures radio airplay, or books a significant gig in an additional market, LAND SHARK’s FMR’s can jump on it right away!






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