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A Smile From The Trenches

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A Smile From The Trenches

Stoney Anderson - Vocals
Ahmad Alkurabi - Guitar
Derek Jones - Guitar
Brent Javier - Drums

Originally formed in 2006 in Grand Junction, Colorado, today’s A Smile From The Trenches hails from Los Angeles, California with plans to reshape a genre that has been dormant since the days of The Used and My Chemical Romance. Between the original frontman, Stoney Anderson, pushing melodic melodies and gut-wrenching lyrics, and a growing fan base of dedicated listeners, A Smile From The Trenches plans to reach international growth and success.

While Stoney Anderson is the only original member of ASFTT, the journey to creating what they now have today has taken many tours, roads, and changes. Brent Javier, a close high school friend of Stoney’s joined the band early 2007, while in that same year; an earlier version of the band (excluding Ahmad and Derek) took home first place at Colorado’s Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, coming out on top over 160 others. This allowed the band the opportunity to play on the Vans WARPED Tour. They went on to play with many talents including: Escape The Fate, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, LoveHateHero, A Skylite Drive, Aiden, Story Of The Year, The Devil Wears Prada, Bullets And Octane, A Static Lullaby and many others.

In 2008, Stoney and Brent finally made ground in Los Angeles, California, where the two had originally met. It was there that they began looking for new members to join their dream. Resorting to hanging out on Hollywood’s legendary “Sunset Strip,” Stoney met guitarist Derek Jones, formerly of the Agony Scene (Roadrunner Records), and Ahmad Alkurabi, former guitarist of Beyond All Reasons (Ozzfest) at The Roxy Theater. Derek and Ahmad had met in 2005 while each searching for a new band to join-- they soon after decided to start playing guitar together and planned to create a new band instead. They were both working at the Roxy while starting to form their band Maleva, when they met Stoney. “I was randomly talking to Derek. I found out that he was a guitarist so I asked him to join our band,” Stoney explains. “Ahmad found out I was talking to Derek and said ‘What are you doing talking to my guitarist?!’ I said, ‘I'm looking for two guitarists if you want to join’—and that’s how it all started.”

With the new version of the band finally put together, the guys soon started writing new material. They all fell in love with what was being created and were ecstatic about the chemistry between the band members. They independently recorded and released their debut EP Leave The Gambling For Vegas, which has immediately generated buzz off of the three focus tracks “Start Worryin’ Star Warrian,” “Dani” and a killer cover of Katy Perry’s hit “Hot N' Cold.” With the success off of their debut EP, the band began discussions with record labels for a re-release of this EP with the addition of three new bonus tracks including, “Juicyfruit.” After much consideration, the band decided to go with the up and coming label DC Hardcore, home of the punk legend H.R. of Bad Brains. This mini-album will be released both physically and digitally on October 13, 2009. The band will head back into the studio in 2010 to start work on a full-length album.

While ASFTT has technically been around for over two years, today’s version of the band is the most promising yet. The self-proclaimed “hardest-working rock band in the U.S.” continues to drive through their 2009 tour bringing in hundreds of people to their shows. It’s only a matter of time before the A Smile From The Trenches leave their mark on a genre that needs a good kick in the ass. "We are really excited to share the new music to our fans and tour the country so we can present our high energy show with the world. we plan on touring nonstop and feel that no other band will work harder than us."



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