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Austin 2010
Welcome to the Bayou Lounge...home of the Land Shark Showcase 2010!
Three days of music...three excellent showcases. Can't wait 'til Thursday night...right now, let's rock!
"Free rock n' roll tonight - and please take one of our 10,000 free cd's!"

The lovely Land Shark street team bringing the music to the people in Austin.
Dublin, Ireland's AUTUMN OWLS begin the show with a mesmerizing performance.
From Ireland, to Texas, great music transcends boundaries, and we graciously thank Autumn Owls for traveling so far and for playing on our stage!
Memphis' DRIVING ETERNITY bring the power of 70's-style arena rock into the Bayou Lounge and the Land Shark showcase!
From Las Cruces, New Mexico...this is THE NORTHERN CROWNS!
THE NORTHERN CROWNS - definitely a highlight of the evening...this is a young band worth watching!
"Thank you, Austin...we'll see ya soon!" - thanks to THE NORTHERN CROWNS for bringing the rock all the way from New Mexico.
ANNIE AUTOMATIC's charismatic and enigmatic frontman, French...it's about to go down, Austin!
ANNIE AUTOMATIC take the stage at the Land Shark Austin showcase 2010.

French and ANNIE AUTOMATIC wowin' 'em in Austin. (photo credits: Amber Tillett)
WITCHBURN bring the evil to the Land Shark Austin Showcase 2010.
We love ya, WITCHBURN...thank you for gracing our stage, and showing Austin how Seattle does it!
Hangin' before the show w/THE LETTER BLACK...thank you for headlining our show!!
THE LETTER BLACK about to set it OFF!

WITCHBURN burning down the house.

THE LETTER BLACK's Sarah Anthony delivering the rock goods - she is the real deal!

THE LETTER BLACK just brought the house DOWN - can we get a witness??

Rock Band Entertainment's Tommy Nast, feelin' the spirit along with Land Shark Promotion's Gary Jay,
WQXA/Harrisburg's Jen Shade, and Land Sharkj Promotion's Matt Martino
A SMILE FROM THE TRENCHES bring their brand of rock n' roll swagger to the Land Shark showcase.
Thanks for comin' all the way from Cali, A SMILE FROM THE TRENCHES...we respect and admire the hustle!
The real road warriors of the showcase, THE MAN WITH DYNAMITE HANDS, all the way from New Jersey, even with a broken-down van in Arkansas,
these boys came ready to tear the walls down!

THE MAN WITH DYNAMITE HANDS electrify the night at the Land Shark Austin Showcase 2010.

THE LETTER BLACK performing live and acoustic on KLBJ/Austin.
THE MAN WITH DYNAMITE HANDS are interviewed live on KLBJ/Austin.
THE LETTER BLACK on the KLAQ/El Paso morning show the day after the Land Shark showcase.
Ladies Love Land Shark Promotion!

Tattoos courtesy of Jon Reed at True Blue Tattoo in Austin!




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