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Blowing Trees

Blowing Trees - The Day The World Left Me

Forget the Alamo, the River Walk, and all the other standard attractions of San Antonio, Texas. Instead take a stroll past the high school where Chris Maddin (lead singer) and Drew Pierce (drummer) played in numerous bands together; the lots where Edwin Jered Stephens (lead guitarist) and Chris skateboarded and bonded over a shared appreciation for punk rock; The Washtub, a car wash where three members of the band worked or the house where in 2003, Roy Scavone (bassist) made a lasting impression at an impromptu jam session and secured himself a spot in the newly formed band, Blowing Trees. If you continue on, perhaps you’ll stumble upon the Melody Ranch Recording Studio where the Trees just put the finishing touches on their debut album with Blue October platinum producer David Castell.

With a name as striking as their sound, Blowing Trees have packed clubs in San Antonio and built a legion of loyal fans that have come to appreciate their intense live performances. Blowing Trees have a knack for blending unique styles into a cohesive and memorable sound. Jered highlights the material playing masterful guitar solos throughout; Chris provides the organic sound to the band with poetic lyrics powered by an exceptional vocal range and an acoustic guitar; Scavone creates the movement in the music with his raw energy and wild stage presence; and Drew anchors the band with his solid and reliable backbeats. Their influences run from Bob Dylan to Radiohead to Pink Floyd to The Flaming Lips yet they avoid imitation and instead strike out on their own. They are stylistically fearless and the soundscapes they create are so textured that they transcend multiple genres.

After building buzz, an early development deal led to tours through Texas and California. Soon thereafter the band was brought to the attention of Texas music veteran Chris Lieck, the CEO and founder of Tejas Records and TEG artists. In September 2006, the Trees entered the studio to finish work on their demo.

After listening to the demo, Diane Passage, A&R Executive for Glassnote Music, was impressed by the Trees energy and style. In early 2007, the Glassnote Music team, led by CEO, Daniel Glass and Diane Passage, flew to Austin for a Blowing Trees performance. On a rooftop during a stormy night with a shoddy sound system and an earlier line-up of mismatched bands, the Trees took to the stage and played an explosive set. After witnessing the Blowing Trees in their element Glassnote Records signed a deal adding Blowing Trees to their growing roster of talent.

An early fan, former MTV VJ Matt Pinfield flew down to Texas to film their EPK and debuted the demo of “The Day The World Left Me” on his Sirius radio show. He says, “their sound is intimate and personal, yet the songs are majestic and massive and I could see them filling small clubs or arenas."

Slated for a Spring 2008 release, The Blowing Tress debut CD captures their kinetic stage presence and balances their no-holds-bar, eclectic style with a dynamic structure. “The Day the World Left Me” roars with relevancy and reverberates long after the song is over. “California Skies” is so visceral that you feel convinced you are driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. Take a sonic Rock tour with Blowing Trees and prepare to go off the beaten path.



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