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Devour the Day

Devour the Day - Good Man

Devour the Day

Formed in 2012, Devour the Day was born from the brain trust of Joey Chicago (Bass, Vocals, Songwriter) and Blake Allison (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter, Producer). After success with the band Egypt Central, Blake and Joey sought to break out on their own, writing and producing music without compromise.

Joey explains, "Our lives got to a point in which we had lost trust. We lost our compassion, our feeling, and our way. The water was so murky that we didn't know which way was up. What we did know is that we had to keep writing and keep fighting because that was our truth and our center."

What transpired is a thirteen-song compilation entitled 'Time And Pressure', which is scheduled for release in early 2013. The song "Good Man" conveys redemption and humility while bearing the questions, "Am I too far gone?" or "Am I even worth saving?" The religious undertones imply that there is hope for us all, no matter how our lives have become.

The distinctive Chicago/Allison heavy guitar riffs, a key element of Devour the Day's true core, are the driving force of "Get Out Of My Way", "Blackout", and "Respect" This powerful wall of sound embodies the perseverance of these two artists, no matter the circumstances.

This songwriting duo effortlessly paints clear pictures in the minds of listeners. Joey says, "While our songs are inspired by our personal experiences, we make a conscious effort to leave them open to interpretation. There is nothing more gratifying than when a fan explains how our songs helped him or her through something. It's humbling."

Giving more perspective, Blake says, "The process of writing this record was something totally different than what we had done before. The pressure was enormous, and we felt that every decision we made needed to be the right one. There was no room for mistakes. But when those choices were made, it felt like the weight we had been carrying became lighter brick by brick.

Look for Devour the Day to hit the road in 2013 in support of the new album, 'Time & Pressure'!!



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