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Freakhouse - Invincible


Freakhouse have released their first single and video, "Invincible", from their upcoming release of the same name. Imagine the perfect pre-fight song for a UFC mixed martial artist and you will have an solid idea of what this crushing track has in store for you. The video is a mix of band shots with MMA fighter smackdowns, bad-ass motocross, loads of fire and epic explosions and, quite simply, those who really are INVINCIBLE. This is a track that is destined to be a fan favorite. Who doesn't love yelling "I am Invincible!!" in a world where you either eat, or get eaten.

"That was no mistake. We've always been all about our fans", says vocalist Rob Escher. "When we go to a show we want a release from our everyday stress and bullshit, so that's what we really aim to give people: a way to let it all out and I mean ALL of it", Matt Clark adds, "These songs were written with our live show in mind and we will definitely be playing a lot of the new stuff on tour and in Japan when the album gets released overseas".

Freakhouse was formed in the late 90's in Austin, TX and was quickly signed to a one-off record deal. They subsequently moved their home base to Los Angeles where they were signed to a new record contract with Reality Entertainment. Their music has since been featured extensively on television and in major national advertising campaigns, including: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Challengers (MTV), Dell Computers, UFC (too many episodes to mention), Blood Out (Lionsgate), Galerions: Rion (anime movie), Mobile Skatepark (Fox Sports), etc.

Freakhouse has always believed in working hard and playing harder and the new album is really a celebration of that. Scott Freak says "We keep pushing the pedal to the metal because we know that kind of commitment has always gotten us places." Newest Freakhouse member Al Serrato couldn't agree more, "Freakhouse fans are the best and it's great to be part of this family." Look for Freakhouse on the web, and on the radio - and coming to a city near you, soon!

Rob Escher - vocalist
Matt Clark - guitarist, background vocals
Scott Freak - bassist, background vocals
Al Serrato - drums


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