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Harley And The Night

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Harley And The Night

Harley DiNardo has been preparing himself for a grand re-entrance into the music world. It's been a few years since his former band, White Light Motorcade broke up. Their LP, Thank You, Goodnight, was a much-needed jolt to the system and made them a NYC buzz band with a cult following. The game has changed, but DiNardo got that itch again and went back into the studio, and began recording under a new name, Harley and the Night.

"For me it was time to be solo. I worked through other people's ideas of what the songs should sound like. Everyone has their opinion and the right to it. So, you try make everyone's idea fit and it's not easy. The difference now is, one person makes the final decision: me."

That creative control has refined the sound of DiNardo's tracks and made them all the more unique, while cultivated through listless influences. Releasing Side A, an EP titled in old-school vinyl fashion, DiNardo is feeling free to roam new grounds as a musician. Side A is a solid reintroduction to DiNardo as a singer/songwriter. The EP is a collection of five songs, including the lush and gorgeous first single, "Dandelion", that are dynamic, colorful and refreshingly spare. The rock edge remains but is utilized to do more than thrill, emphasizing beautiful melodies and potent lyricism. This EP is, if nothing else, a testament to this artist's maturity of craft. Side B will follow in early 2009.

"There's been a change in the way we find our music. It has allowed lots of great bands to break through the cracks and be heard." Thus, DiNardo releases the EP on his new label, Shampoo Records. "I've been signed to a major label in the past, and always observed what I would do differently."

Utilizing this indie methodology, Harley and the Night will rely on word-of-mouth and electronic distribution, followed by heavy touring. "The first step is to get this music out there, let everyone hear it. Once people have gotten a feel for what I sound like and they can put a face and a name to it, I'll go visit them when I'm on tour."

"Songwriting is a skill and so is being a passionate musician. So, we've seen new artists in recent years that are not great musicians but know how to write a catchy tune." He continues, "If you listen to the great legends of the past—from Led
Zeppelin to Billy Joel—the musicianship is just awesome. That's got to come back. It deserves to."


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