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Head East

Head East - There's Never Been Any Reason

The legendary classic rock band Head East has long set the standard for authentic, good-time, rock harmonies that few bands can equal. Their high-energy shows are filled with superb vocals, flashy guitar work and memorable keyboard melodies that continue to thrill rock audiences of all ages. Their signature song, "There's Never Been Any Reason (Save My Life)" has long-been considered by many radio stations across the country as a rock anthem. For more than four decades the band has brought their signature blend of rock to audiences all across North America. According to founding member and keyboardist Roger Boyd, Head East will continue to bring their brand of dance and shout, good-time rock n' roll to audiences of all ages for years to come.

"As long as I can lift my synthesizer over my head, and the audience goes wild, we'll keep rockin' on!"

...and keep on rockin' they shall with the release of their new explosive 12-song live CD entitled Raise A Little Hell, on CME Records / Sony (RED Distribution).

Head East's music has been featured in the cult-movie classics Dazed and Confused and Sahara, and Emmy award-winning TV shows Friday Night Lights and That 70's Show. Their newest release, Raise A Little Hell, contains several Head East classic party rockers, including their monumental classic "There's Never Been Any Reason (Save My Life)", along with several new, soon-to-be Head East classics: "Raise A Little Hell"," Say Yeah", "One Night", "Me & My Whiskey", and "Prisoner", which capture all of the excitement, energy and magic of their legendary live shows.

"With 'Raise A Little Hell'...the music keeps coming at you, and as the crowd cheers prove, the band is kicking ass and taking names in 2013." - Classic Rock Revisited

Head East has grown in popularity over the last several years due to the resurgence of 70's Classic Rock music, plus their presence on the web, and their exciting new live show. This rise in popularity has resulted in the release of several CD's from 1999 to present culminating with the release of 'Raise A Little Hell'. Head East has brought four decades of classic rock to their fans and founder Roger Boyd says, "We look forward to bringing the new Head East music of Raise A Little Hell to the fans this summer!"



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