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Jule Brown

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Jule Brown

On his latest release, 'Soldier in the 9th', the core structure of the "Jule Brown sound" is continued, but the inclusion of keyboards into 'Soldier in the 9th' has expanded Jule's sound greatly and widened its appeal to a larger audience (as witnessed by his increasing draw live and gigs opening for large acts like a recent show at Durham's Carolina Theatre with Robert Randolph and the Family Band). On the new LP, you can hear Hammond B-3, Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes. Jule displays his impressive keyboard skills (along with his standard harmonica, guitar and vocal treatment) to take the music and sound to a deeper level that conjures up images of reggae greats, '60s stalwarts Procol Harum, Dylan and a host of other influences, while continuing his wry commentary on life in America.

Jule Brown's music experience began at the age of 10 in Monroe, NC (a small Southern town on the SC border) as a backing vocalist and drummer for a local gospel group called the Singing Disciples. This was followed by various bands in high school and college (bands with names like The Elephant Sun, Dionysus in Doubt and Soul Box). After college (earning a degree in Political Science and History) and a stint as an Army Infantry officer in the early '90's, Jule got his start in real showbiz during the mid '90's playing drums, singing and writing songs for Chapel Hill's Jennyanykind (a North Carolina roots band most known for 1996's "Revelator" on Elektra). He also released two critically acclaimed Jule Brown albums during that decade long Jennyanykind odyssey: "The Legendary Magic of Jule Brown", a solo album (with Jule playing and producing) in 1995, which is a ghostly take on old-school country; and "Occurrence at Jule Brown Bridge" in 1997, which is electric folk and country rock.

Now touring as both a solo artist and with his band, his style is defined by "in-the-rack" harmonica virtuosity, a driving claw hammer guitar style based on Delta blues master Charley Patton and a ghostly Hammond organ. As a songwriter, he spans the entire American roots genre with an emphasis on black roots music as the core of his sound.

'Soldier in the 9th' is to be released on June 26, 2007 by Enabler Records. As with his prior album, 'Smoke and Mirrors', the recording was produced by Dean Wareham (Luna, Dean and Britta) and Rick Miller (Southern Culture on the Skids).



"Country blues so sinister it could scare the guy who scared Robert Johnson," - Rick Cornell, Independent Weekly

"While folks like Jon Spencer and Gregg Foreman attempt to gyrate and caterwaul their way to a new version of the blues, Jule Brown, aka Mark Holland, has quietly invented just that in Chapel Hill, first as leader of Jennyanykind, and lately, by himself." - Austin Chronicle

"Jilted lovers everywhere might consider the example of Jule Brown, who parlays heartbreak into spectral songs...He's aural kin to slow-motion droners like Palace Songs, the Cowboy Junkies and sometimes Neil Young. Over strummed guitars and sustained organ chords, he sings with fatalistic calm about losing love and seeking
spiritual comfort..." - New York Times


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