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The Last Vegas

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Bad decisions. We all make them. We all blame them. They define a lot of situations in life. But when it comes to getting your rocks off, sometimes you've got to be bad to be good. Bad Decisions is also the title of The Last Vegas' new album. It's the first full-length record the band has recorded in their native Chicago, so, despite their punned moniker, they do not hail from Sin City. Their music, however, is what you'd get if you tossed some '70s Aerosmith and '80s Guns N' Roses in a tumbler, shook it hard, and poured it on the rocks. At once instantly familiar, yet infused with their own unique take on rock music.

All five members come from a background of punk rock and pre-Internet touring, when handing out photocopied fliers was how you let music fans know you had a show coming up. "We've been in bands for so long, we appreciate the DIY ethics" said guitarist Adam Arling. “We wanted to boil the tunes down and get the message across, using fuzzed-up guitars and drums punching you in the face. How do you make it sexy as well as crushing? We tried to create a kind of sonic street-fight. That’s what we wanted.”

Overall, The Last Vegas and their Bad Decisions embody the classic American rock sound. Influenced by the blues, metal, and rock from the '60s through the ‘90s, with even a little early '00s garage rock thrown in, the end result is something unique and wholly their own. The Last Vegas aren't your dad's or your big brother's rock 'n' roll band. They're yours. They are blue-collar American dudes with an iron clad and indisputable work ethic, unf**kwithable songwriting skills, and an appreciation for rock music that will not only fill your ears, or the room, but an arena.


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