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Miss May I

Miss May I - Echoes

Miss May I is currently regarded by industry elite as one of the hardest working bands in the metal genre, and are touted by rabid fans across the globe as the "Next Big Thing" in the heavy music scene. The band has graduated to the mainstream, making the transition from headlining small clubs across the US to landing Support slots on Major festivals all over the world. Having played over 900+ live shows since 2009, Miss May I has made their presence known the old fashioned way: with blood, sweat and hard work; playing every s how like it's their last and treating every fan like their first.

Upon securing a die-hard fan base with incessant touring and their first three albums - Apologies Are For the Weak, Monument, At Heart - Levi Benton [vocals], Justin Aufdemkampe [guitar], Ryan Neff [bassist], B.J. Stead [guitar], and Jerod Boyd [drummer] are finding inspiration within that very fan base with their release of their new Rise Records' album, Rise Of The Lion, in stores on April 29th.

Working with producer Terry Date (Slipknot, Pantera, Soundgarden, Deftones), Benton describes Date's producing style as "being a strong mentor that was also able to step back and give the band space when the situation called for it. He was a key motivator and never let the band just settle". That gave the band the opportunity to evolve the songs through five or six stages before the final version was agreed upon. Benton recalls, "This is the first record we could sit back and re-write songs. We would listen and critique musical parts until everyone in the band was happy". This attention given to every song is apparent in the new album; Rise Of The Lion shows a more eclectic side of the band by blending Benton's heart-felt lyrical style and the inspiration drawn from deep with in the roots of the metal sound.



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