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Saving Abel

Saving Abel - Mystify

When you think of Saving Abel, words like "foot-stomping southern rockers", or "down-home boys with charm", even "no-frills and whiskey-drinking" ways are some things that come to mind.

Their southern rock hooks, contagious melodies and dominating guitar solos have been burning up the charts since their debut self-titled, RIAA-certified Gold LP in 2008. Reaching Top 40 radio and charting #1 on several Active Rock radio airplay charts with their debut single "Addicted", these boys have been a force to be reckoned with ever since. The platinum-selling single helped sell over 750,000 copies of the record and also charted two more Top 10 hits with the emotional military-dedicated "18 Days" and the follow-up single, "Drowning (Face Down)".

Their second album, Miss America, also topped the Active Rock and Hard Rock charts and stuck out again to every listener and fan, with the infectious melodies delivered. The principal single "Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood) showing the darker side of fame started the charting machine all over again. The raw and catchy, "The Sex Is Good" charted Top 10, followed by the heartfelt title track "Miss America" once again showing their military support rounded up this sophomore record, showing that the sophomore jinx never hit this hard-working band. The incomparable powerhouse that is Jared Weeks' raspy voice and unparalleled rock-driven sound played by guitarists Jason Null and Scott Bartlett, bassist Eric Taylor and drummer Michael McManus Saving Abel have cemented themselves in their generation of music.

Even with charting hits one right after another, turmoil doesn't escape the band who within two years got a new drummer, left a major label to sign with an indie, left long-time managers, just to then leave the indie label, not even a year after inking a deal. "Everyone was working for themselves, not for the better of the band anymore and thankfully that's when we teamed up with Jeff", Jared Weeks says, referring to Jeff Hanson of JHMP (Creed, Paramore, Sevendust). With a new team behind them and motivation increased, Saving Abel sets out to do things on their own terms.

Releasing a new EP, Crackin' The Safe on their own label, just proves, once again, their hard working ways. "We're a hard-working band, because we don't know any better. This is how our Dads raised us." says Jared, "We're a blue collar band, that won't stop working for what we want. "We wanted to release this EP on our own. Give it a test run, so to speak", explains Jason Null. "You kind of get sick of people saying what they can do and having no follow-through", agrees Jared. Once more sparking that flame of country meets rock, this EP is only short in length and not lacking anything musically. "Mystify" is the lead single and the EP ended up having two fantastic versions that although the same in song, differ in feeling, the rock version forever establishing that guitars drive their sound. The acoustic version shows that Saving Abel can break it all down and still bring it, like they did the first few months of 2013 on the fully-acoustic "Front Porch Stomp" tour .

"I want to be able to grow with my music and continue to do what I love" states Jared, "We don't plan on going anywhere". And they have the drive to do just that. This band has rolled with the punches and grown closer together. "We're incredibly tight now, it's like we have this awesome fresh start and we're excited" continued Weeks. With plans to release a full-length studio record at the beginning of the year, the band will be getting back into the studio just as soon as they have some time off. With the perseverance and incredible talent that Saving Abel has, this EP should just be a glimpse of what they can accomplish by themselves.




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