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Secretary Bird

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Secretary Bird

SECRETARY BIRD is a hybrid. Exercising all his control issues, Mike Semple created a sound marrying two cities. His now home of Los Angeles and his boyhood home of Tucson. It’s called SECRETARY BIRD. A melting of the countryified-influence of the desert and the rock and roll expanse of Los Angeles. It’s beer and heroin or desert dust and ocean salt. It’s a sound that ruminants like Latin on the tongue of your lover.

Mike’s answer for the world was always musical. His mother bought him his first guitar when he was 8. A beater, acoustic hippie guitar, with paint on it. Since then he circled the globe playing with alternative favorites Giant Sand, he has recorded six records, and continues to record, with Friends of Dean Martinez, One record with L.A.’s Campfire Girls and was a hired gun for bands like Marjorie Fair.

As a member of Friends Of Dean Martinez, Mike co-wrote and recorded the score to the Richard Linklater, Fox Searchlight, major motion picture Fast Food Nation. The film also includes the SECRETARY BIRD song “Tio” from the debut record.  Fast Food Nation screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival and played to sold out audiences. Fast Food Nation is scheduled to be released in November 2006.

With enlisted help from drummer Kirke Jan and bass player Einar Pedersen, SECRETARY BIRD is powerful, maxi-slow up-tempo, undeniably sincere songwriting, smashed with a singing style that’s hypnotic and lackadaisically melodic like Lou Reed or Paul Westerberg. Add Mike’s trademark distinctive guitar work, born of a 70s British influence, as it’s laid beautifully and softly down, at the foot of your soul. Think Psychocandy meets The Days of Wine and Roses add a bit of Wilco. SECRETARY BIRD successfully fuses these very different sounds and brings a celebration and sadness in its songs that breaks your heart just for the pleasure of
healing it.

Blackie Onassis formally of Urge Overkill calls Mike Semple “...the best unsung guitar player in the world. Period.” And SECRETARY BIRD the only L.A. based indie-record he bought all year.


“(Mike Semple’s) drowsy singing and distinctly Californian taste in sad, sweeping sounds (equally informed by Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night and Glenn Campbell’s “Galveston”) perfectly mirror his slow-dissolve images of late-night cab rides and aimless drives, “some-where girls” and an “imaginary you…” – BLENDER (4 ½ Stars)

"Further listens reveal a particular character arising out of Semple's bruised, laconic vocals, which maintain a captivating presence amid his soaring guitarchitecture." - UNCUT (4 Stars)

“Download This: SECRETARY BIRD, ''Somewhere Girls'' Last fall, Southwestern rockers Friends of Dean Martinez performed most of the soundtrack for the film Fast Food Nation. They did a decent job of complementing the movie's uneasy atmosphere, but the real standout from that set came from band member Mike Semple, who recorded one song on his own under the name Secretary Bird. Semple has a full album of world-weary, lo-fi guitar pop out now, and as this Pavement-esque selection confirms, he's a noteworthy talent in his own right.” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"Occasional buzzes and distortion underscore an immediacy which can be heard in the works of his former bandmate Howe Gelb, as well as Paul Westerberg and from there, back to the grandaddy noisemeister of them all, Neil Young." - HARP

“Semple has expertly created an interesting dichotomy of urban and rural music, combining the rolling rhythm of the countryside and the guitar squall of the city streets.” - AMPLIFIER

"With a kind of shoegazing Neil Young or Tom Petty vibe, the reverberating rhythm guitar-driven songs are serene, simple works which gradually evolve from pleasing pop tunes about girls and love to misanthropic, longing cries as the album plays out. B+" – AQUARIAN

“slow descent into pillowy reverb, Semple casts a wink at everyone from Ride to Low to Yo La Tengo, eventually hitching himself to a challenged-radio-signal storm, then easing up on all the effects, and gently fading.” – ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER




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