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Stellar Revival

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Stellar Revival

Rino Cerbone - vocals
Daniel Uricoli Jr. - bass
Steve Morgan - guitars
Ryan Spears- guitars
Andrew Koussevitzky – drums

“We are the crazy ones...”- Stellar Revival

Stellar Revival proudly counts themselves among those “crazy ones”. Part of that slogan, in fact, is tattooed on bassist Daniel Uricoli’s arm and is the title of the band’s first single. The phrase sums up the fierce passion Dan and band co-founder Rino Cerbone have for their Florida-based lineup. Their EMI debut, Love, Lust and Bad Company, is packed with 11 songs ranging from the propulsive, attack of “The Crazy Ones” to the heart-wrenching piano ballad “Shattered” to the deep bass riffs in “Heart To Stone.” Produced and co written by Brian Howes (Hinder, Daughtry, Nickelback), Stellar Revival aims to bring back honesty, rebellion, and a new way of doing things into good old-fashioned rock. “You can relate to music when it speaks to you and your life. That’s when you fall in love with it,” believes Dan. “It’s practically spiritual to me.”

Stellar Revival began life in 2004 as the band Copasetic, though Dan and Rino first met when they were 12 and 15, respectively, hanging first at a New Found Glory concert before losing touch. While the pair, both from big, close Italian families, were in the same orbit, it took Dan’s mom to get the wheels in motion. She ran into Rino working at his family’s restaurant and mentioned that her son, then 15, was looking for a singer. Rino’s response: “A few friends and I tried to start a band in high school, but it never left the garage”. Dan wasn’t much further in his musical career with pop-punk band All You Can Eat which also never left the garage, but the two friends reconnected in the rehearsal room, despite the bassists’ nerves. “I was intimidated at first by Rino,” he admits. “I knew from the day I met him that he was a rock star; he has that aura.” That intimidation turned quickly into mutual admiration, as the duo formed a strong musical partnership they liken to “partners in crime”. Dan states: “I knew we were going to be brothers to the end”.

Within that year, the teens were gigging around South Florida, honing their songwriting and musical skills, under the name of the popular local band Copasetic. When Copasetic imploded, the duo was ready to give it their all with the ideal lineup. Rino explains, “We needed members who impressed us as people, not only as musicians. We like to get down and dirty with our work, so to find guys on the same page who were not only in it for the partying lifestyle was tough”. The all-star team was solidified with the addition of drummer Andrew Koussevitzky from the band Westview, who then brought guitarist Steve Morgan into the fold. Guitarist Ryan Spears relocated south from Orlando to hook up with Stellar Revival, and the Stellar puzzle was complete. Guitar-wise, Ryan, a Fender player, has an old-school, Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe that complements Steve’s more technical side and pop influences. Andrew brings an element of creative percussion, making this the ultimate line-up. This gives Stellar Revival a forward-looking but archetypal rock sound, as befitting the band name. Rino and Dan knew this was the perfect opportunity for a revival of not only rock, but for themselves. It is a stellar revival of rock n’ roll.

As Stellar Revival paid dues on the local scene, Rino and Dan also followed the career of Canadian producer/songwriter Brian Howes. Huge fans of his work with Hinder and Daughtry, they dreamed of one day working with him. Turns out there was a mutual acquaintance who eventually provided Stellar Revival with an introduction to Howes’ manager. After feeling they’d exhausted all of their options, in January, 2011, the band was ready to take the risk. They flew to Vancouver, hoping to impress Howes with their songs.

At Howes’ studio, Rino and Dan brought in two lines and a riff for a song that would become Love, Lust and Bad Company’s “Saving Grace.” In less than four hours, collaborating with Howes, the group completed the tune. It was time for Rino’s vocals. “I was nervous to sing the song,” admits Rino. “Then, after I sang the first line, Brian stops the music. I’m looking in the control room and I see Brian’s hands waving. I’m freaking, like, ‘I blew it.’ But Brian got on the talkback and said, ‘you’re fantastic! We can make something happen.'” The group wrote three songs in five days.

What followed was a whirlwind for Stellar Revival, who, in short order, signed with a manager, inked a deal with Capitol, and, after some time home in Florida, returned to Vancouver to record Love, Lust and Bad Company with Howes. Writing and tracking the CD was a stellar experience that just “came out of our pores,” they recall. Rino, a trained chef, compares cooking to music. “I’m a culinary guy, and I love to create, melding flavors, with food and also music. They’re both artistic outlets that I love.” The high achievers of Stellar Revival are “glass half-full” guys, and it has paid off. As Dan notes, he’d like to change the script, pave a new path: “We want to make a ding in the universe, leave a legacy. We’ve never doubted ourselves, not once,” he says. “And now, here we are, eight years later, with Love, Lust and Bad Company, and we’re like “wow, it actually worked.”

Stellar Revival welcome all to join them on their new path—at least all the “Crazy Ones,” who, like the band, proudly fly the flag for “the mavericks, the dreamers, the forgotten sons that color outside the lines for fun.”


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