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Taddy Porter

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Taddy Porter is simply a rock band – one that knows how to live in a groove, emote feeling, and draw in all those that encounter their passion. The quartet’s roots have their foundation in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with branches that have begun to stretch throughout mid-America and the South. Since October 2007, Andy Brewer (lead vocals / guitar), Joe Selby (lead guitar / backing vocals), Doug Jones (drums) and Kevin Jones (bass) have been collaborating to create timeless, undeniable rock songs that have found fans in markets across the country.

Bassist Jones shares, “Stillwater is a great town. It’s really been a big part of the band because all of our friends are here and the town really supports what we are doing.” “The town has helped shape us by not pushing us in to a mold,” brother and drummer Doug continues. ‘Being from a smaller town has helped us forge our own style rather than conform to a scene that is already established.” It was this small-town environment that allowed for the creation of Taddy Porter in the first place. Doug recalls, “I threw a party that Andy came to through a mutual friend. He heard music being played in the back room and walked in where I was playing drums, and pulled a guitar down hanging on the wall. After playing through a few covers and some of his originals, we decided to go forward with it somewhat as a two piece like The Black Keys. We were at a Wolfmother concert a few months later, when my brother Kevin asked if he could be a part of the band. We were reluctant to take him on being so young, but he proved he could hold his own. In order to get a more Southern sound Andy decided to take guitar lessons to improve his slide skills and signed up for lessons with Joe. He invited Joe over to check out what we were doing, and he fell in immediately with our style. We played our first show October 19, 2007 in Stillwater.

As opposed to pursuing the predictable record company path, Taddy Porter has found believers in Primary Wave Music Publishing, who’s CEO Larry Mestel shared, “Simply stated, we love this band. While we have purposely stayed out of the record business for the past three years, Taddy Porter’s music and live performances are so compelling, we knew we had to do both recording & publishing deals with the band.” When asked if they envisioned the band’s career coming along as quickly as it has, Guitarist Selby states, “It's safe to say that nobody thought it would come together as quickly as it has. That being said we try to stay aware of how quickly it could be taken away, so we try to work as hard as we can.”

The four band members have a lot to share about one another. In respect to singer Brewer, Kevin shares, “The first time I heard him sing, I thought to myself I have to get in to this band.” Doug goes on, “he has been my friend from the beginning and represents the artistic level that I think we should all strive to attain.” As Guitarist Selby comes up, Doug continues, “Joe is a great drinking partner who wails on guitar, and can piss you off and make you laugh in the same sentence.” Kevin shares in respect to drummer Doug Jones, “When I think of him, the rest of my family enters my mind. I am really lucky to be in a band with my brother.” Bassist Kevin Jones according to Singer Brewer, “has more energy than anyone I know, especially on stage. Ultimately, he symbolizes the youth in our band.”

With the world at their fingertips, and dreams within their grasp, the four band members are unbelievably grounded. In discussing their dreams, Kevin shares, “I would just like to make music. Fame is unimportant.” Selby adds, “I’ve always said that if I get to board a plane and travel the world with my guitar, then I have made it. Entertaining people along the way is everything. The cool thing about live music as an art is the fact that it is happening in the present moment. Every show is going to be a little different from any other, and that includes the crowd.” Doug Jones adds, “Playing music is why we started doing it in the first place. Having someone appreciate what you have worked hard towards is amazing. We love going to the merch booth after the shows, and meeting the people that keep us on the road. Playing live doesn't require a lawyer or any other facet of the business side of being in a band. You can just let loose and do what got you there in the first place.” This fall, Taddy Porter will be the opener aka “The Freshman” on the inaugural run of the Class of 2009 Tour. The 20 date excursion hits the road in San Antonio, TX on October 27.

The band’s debut is filled with tracks that are reminiscent of the qualities that made classic rock thrive in its first incarnation. Lead single “Shake Me” is an energy packed anthem that according to Andy, “once people know the words, all you gotta do is dance.”

The track “Long Slow Drag” is a big ballad that lyrically Doug shares, “everyone can relate to. We have all had to leave someone at some point in time, and this is about enjoying the time you have.” The song “Big Enough” as Doug offers, “is like medicine. Love has its ups and downs, Mostly downs, so if you think you can handle it saddle up and let’s try. I like this song because it just flat out says what most people are thinking. Don’t waste my time, and if you think you can handle me then I am willing to give it a try.” Joe adds, “It is one of my favorite tracks on the album, it has a weird time signature in the intro (11/8 for all of you keeping score). The first like of the chorus is ‘Let’s try love,’ which pretty much sums up our message as a band.”

The name Taddy Porter to the band members reflects the images and thoughts they hope fans will think of when the moniker is spoken. They share words that include class, genuine, and enduring, and thoughts along the lines of having a good time. Andy sums it up best in simply offering, “Life, Love, and Fun!”

Taddy Porter has the elements that in a just world with the stars aligned will deliver a career for the ages. Kevin offers in summation, “We just want everyone to know how much we really care about our music. It is an art and a creation with the intention of making those around us find enjoyment.” And, as Andy offers, “Be kind to everyone…”



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