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There For Tomorrow

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There For Tomorrow

“Trust, trust me, cause I'll be honest/You think you got it all but I think you lost it/A faker, a fraud/But a bad one naturally,” belts Maika Maile on There For Tomorrow’s debut single, “Hunt Hunt Hunt” from their long-awaited sophomore album, The Verge. And it’s here that the band brings everything to the surface, telling people to empower themselves through unabashed confidence.

There For Tomorrow got their original start in high school, where many bands come and go, but forming in the younger years of their lives only bonded There For Tomorrow into a stronger unit. Maika Maile (vocals/guitar), Christian Climer (guitar/vocals), Jay Enriquez (bass/vocals) and Christopher Kamrada had experienced more together in their school days than most bands see in their whole careers.

It all began back in the day when Maika and Chris played sports together in elementary school- fast forward a couple years, the middle school addition of Jay and Christian, a band name change, and the musical inspirations of 90’s grunge rock – the Orlando bred foursome There For Tomorrow was complete. The chemistry between the band members was undeniable and the name ‘There For Tomorrow’ stood for something much more than just four kids fooling around with instruments- it was a promise to themselves and everyone else that they had plans of sticking around.

With early influences such as The Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, and Jamaican reggae band Third World, it was no surprise There For Tomorrow quickly stood out from the rest. The band’s debut album Point of Origin, released in 2004, garnered them enough attention to perform dates on the Vans Warped Tour in 2006 and 2007. After touring, they recorded an EP in 2007 with James Paul Wisner (New Found Glory, Paramore, Dashboard Confessional), Pages, which quickly started to draw attention from label execs and managers alike.

In the days where MySpace was the main portal for new music and a prime source for A&R reps to scout new talent, There For Tomorrow was an eyebrow raiser for many. It wasn’t until Eric Tobin from Hopeless Records messaged the band with interest that they felt the perfect fit. By 2008, they were signed to Hopeless Records and the achievements poured in.

Since their signing to Hopeless, There For Tomorrow released a self-titled EP in 2008 and their first full-length A Little Faster in 2009. Just a few months after the release of their self-titled EP, the band won the MTVU Woodie Award for Breakout Artist of the Year, beating out acts such as All Time Low and We the Kings. They then went on to play the 2009 Vans Warped Tour and the 2010 Take Action Tour. Soon after, the band was ready to record their next full length, and possibly their most important.

“The road has narrowed down so much for us from traveling the world and gaining experiences. We want our new album to really represent us and our passion- our mentality of where we’re going as a group and how we’ve changed,” says lead singer Maika Maile.

There For Tomorrow’s sophomore album The Verge, produced by Michael Elvis Baskette, will be released in June 2011 and symbolizes something much larger for the band than a new record. The Verge will describe the passion and intensity the band felt while recording their newest project and how it came together so honestly and organically.

Written in just a week’s time, There For Tomorrow have no regrets creating an album filled with the rawest material they’ve put out to date. The Verge is a true testament to not second guessing yourself, or your work- something the band stands strongly for.

“I think it’s really important to be a storyteller,” says Maile. “Young people are important and they need to know they can share themselves and express themselves. We just want to empower people. Be comfortable with yourself, just be who you are.”

There For Tomorrow will be playing all dates on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour. Their sophomore EP, The Verge, will be released on June 28, 2011.


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