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The Winery Dogs

The Winery Dogs - Captain Love

Witness the aptly named Hot Streak, the supercharged follow-up to the self-titled, rabidlyy - rocking 2013 debut of the three-piece musical dynamo known as The Winery Dogs. 'Hot Streak' shows the powerfully pedigreed trio's initial burst of collective chemistry was no accident, and ups the aural ante into exciting new territory, never more clearly evident than on the band's new single, "Captain Love."

"We elevated the band to the next level," says vocalist/guitarist Richie Kotzen. "I wasn't nervous about it at all. I knew in my heart if we made a record that wasn't as good as the first one that we wouldn't release it, but I know I did my best on every song. I also like the fact that there's a commonality between the first and second records - and there's also an evolution too, as we've dug a little deeper."

Adds drummer Mike Portnoy, "The mission of this band is to write catchy songs, and not have the musicianship overpower them. That's the icing on the cake — but the cake itself is always the song and the vocals. Every song on this album is memorable and catchy, and you'll wake up whistling them all the next day. It's been refreshing to play music that's so easily digestible all across the board by any listener, whether they be a metal fan, a prog fan, or a classic rock fan," he admits. "I think The Winery Dogs have something to offer for everybody."

Kotzen heartily agrees, "These two guys are playing in a way that not many people can play," he marvels. "I mean, there's no one else who approaches playing the bass guitar like Billy Sheehan. The thing that's unique about us is that we are obviously playing real songs with real lyrics and real melodies, but we have these moments of musical chaos where we go crazy and play these things the average musician wouldn't be able to play."

After playing over 100 shows in support of the first album, The Winery Dogs are eager to head back out on the road to get behind Hot Streak. "We've now been all over the world, and you have to put those hours in up on the boards to make things grow and evolve," Sheehan points out. "All that adds into how well we can read each other's minds onstage, so when you get back to actually performing as a band, the songs all have a greater depth to them."

As far as Portnoy is concerned, "That's the sign of a real band. When the first album came out, a lot of people were writing us off as a​ ​"supergroup"​ ​or whatever, but we wanted people to understand this wasn't just a ‘project.' It's a legitimate band, and we want to make many albums together in the future."

That level of commitment ultimately leads The Winery Dogs to reaching higher ground. "The thing that resonates the most with me is that I feel we've taken the band to another level," Kotzen concludes. "The compositions are stronger on this album. I feel more connected lyrically and musically to what I did on this record than on the last one. I feel we've stretched the parameters the band operated within on the first record. We've widened the musical scope of the band on this record and moved it forward. That's what I'm most excited about."



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